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My husband and I have called Teresa our spiritual gangster because she is so strong in her God given authority. Teresa, Natasha and Maricela  are truly gifted in prayer and prophecy, they are spirit filled and you can feel it when you’re in their presence. They’ve taught us how to step into our own authority and as a result, our faith and prayer life has grown exponentially. We’ve seen miracles in our own lives, with blessings pouring over us and doors opened as a result. Iv sent friends to them because I am convinced everyone needs to learn how to pray with authority to deepen their faith and walk in Gods path for them

-Sean and Lishele Wigand


Hello, my name is Marilyn from Hawaii!

When the Lord sent me to California on assignment, I had no idea that I needed deliverance and inner-healing, until I shared my testimony with Teresa, Natasha and Maricela. These powerful women of God helped me to get free from my past hurts, wounds, shame, guilt, hatred, bitterness, unforgiveness, betrayal and an orphan spirit. I am glad that I went through the deliverance because I have truly been set free and I am now being used by the Lord in a mighty way. I am blessed, grateful, delivered, healed and free and I give the Lord praise, honor and glory for all that he is doing through Jesus Army Bootcamp and all that he is doing through me.                                           

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