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Meet The Team

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Teresa Farnan

Teresa Farnan is an ordained Minister for the Gospel of Jesus Christ,

Prison Chaplain, Deliverance Minister, Motivational speaker and Teacher,.

She shares the heart of Jesus and offers love to those feeling, Lost, Lonely and rejected.

She is an Intercessor and a hope giver, looking for opportunities to bless others with words of encouragement and faith filled prayer.

She is a Spirit Filled believer, full of love and the fire of Jesus, that brings liberty to the captives and sets the oppressed free, to walk in complete healing and wholeness. Come hang out with Teresa and the Jesus Army Bootcamp Team and you just might catch the fire too!🔥

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Natasha Hinn

Natasha Hinn is an ordained Minister for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

From the time she was a child, she was introduced to the power of the Holy Spirit through her father’s, Evangelist Benny Hinn, healing ministry. The Lord has placed a strong burden on her heart for this generation. 

As She started to find her own voice,  she began to write music, sing, and minister to this generation.  Her passion for ministry and communications also spurred a career in media as a TV Host and content creator. Today, She uses that experience to teach, lead and preach.

Natasha’s heart is to encourage a generation to come back to the cross. To see them free and fulfilling their destiny. To uproot and replant with Truth and to change the dynamic- raise the standard through the Word of God.

Maricela's photo.jpeg

Maricela Escobedo

Maricela Escobedo is a Prophetess/Seer/Feeler/Intercessor/Gatekeeper/Key holder/Dreamer that walks in all the spiritual giftings, she is very sensitive to spirit realm. Maricela carries the fear of the Lord and the angelic realm is always around her.

God calls Maricela his beloved Deborah, queen bee as she is unbreakable. She carries the healing anointing to make Anointing oil’s for healing, breaking strongholds, protection and walks in the gifting to create.

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