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There is an army rising up

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App now on Google Play and apple store

Using Mobile Phones

What you get with the APP

1. Live Video training

2. Live Prayer videos

3. Blog

4. Encouraging weekly videos

5. Member Forum to ask questions and communicate 

  and be part of our JAB family

Get App with QR code

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Then get a subscription and become a member

How to be a part of home group training

        Go to the top menu bar

1. Subscribe to a $25 monthly plan  

2. Become a Home Group Member

2. Download app

3. Get Jesus Army Bootcamp Devotional on AMAZON

4. Start a home group or join a home group



We believe the Lord is raising an army of warriors for His Glory. A group of  men and women set apart for such a time as this. A remnant army of warrior soldiers, coming forth being equipped with tools, and the full armor of God, through the Word of God to fulfill destiny and purpose set forth for their lives. The Lord is raising His army of sons and daughters for Zion. The Lord is saying to you sons and daughters, Lion and Lioness come forth.

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